The department of political governance

The Head of Department: Ph. D, Professor Leonid V. Smorgunov.

Professor Leonid Vladimirovich Smorgunov is a member of different political associations: Russian Association of Political Science (RAPS), International Association of Political Science (IPSA), American Association of Political Science, the Academy of Political Science, European Consortium for Political Research (ECPR).

The department of Governance was formed in March, 1995 on the basis of the Center for sociopolitical reforms in Russia, had existed with support of German industrialists Union. The department researches were focused on the Russian reforms in social and political spheres. Since 1996 department is headed by prof. Leonid V. Smorgunov. Since 1997 the department began to supervise preparation of students in a field of "political science", a bachelor degree program and postgraduate courses have been opened. On that score the department becomes one of the first in Russia who carries out the two-level program of political scientists training. For fifteen years of work following basic directions of scientific and teaching activity of department were allocated:

1. Comparative Politics and Comparative Governance

2, Theory of Public Policy and Governance

3. Efficiency and Process of Acceptance and Realization of Political Decisions

4. Political Management

All these areas of study are presented in the basic publications of department's staff, who were highly appreciated by scientific council RAPN (Russian association of political science), the experts who have published the reviews of a number of editions of the department in year-book RAPN, magazines "Policies" and "Power".

Since 2010, there is a number of the general courses and training on a profile "public policy and governance" for a bachelor degree.

The MA program "The public policy and governance" operates in department (the supervisor prof. Leonid V. Smorgunov). The MA "GR - relations with public authorities" (the supervisor docent Kulakova T.A) is being prepared for opening.

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