The department of political institutions and applied political science

The Head of Department is Doctor of Political Science, Professor Olga Valentinovna Popova.

Professor Olga Valentinovna Popova - the editor-in-chief of scientific journal «Political expertise: POLITEX», the author of 120 publications, including 2 monographs and 2 textbooks.

The Head of Department is Department of political institutions and applied political science was founded in 1992 in a branch of political studies in the faculty of philosophy SPSU.

Since 1995 Center for empirical policy research works at the department. In this Center instructors and students work out and realize individual and collective projects of studying   actual problems of political life in modern society.

Since the 2000, the Department publishes an annual compendium of research reports «Political Analysis: Reports of the Center for Empirical Political Research SPSU» as a result of work of the Centre. Until now 9 issues have been published.

All studies are held with the active participation of undergraduate and graduate students, that help to shape the skills of scientific work.

The results of these studies are used as the empirical basis of student research papers and Ph.D. theses, as well as when reading general and special courses by academic staff of the department of political institutions and applied political science.

In this department students are studying humanities and special subjects read by lecturers of the Faculty of Political Science and other faculties of Russian universities.

At the same time our students exercise in methods of collecting and analyzing empirical political information, political forecasting, learn to work with software for data processing for Political Studies, receive an extensive knowledge in the field of political advertising and consulting.

Graduates of the department find application of their knowledge in the field of education, science and culture, work in the government and administration, governing bodies of political parties and public organizations.

Many graduates successfully devote themselves to the organization and supporting of election campaigns, political consulting and marketing researches, political journalism.

Our Russian and International partners

The department actively cooperates with research centers INDEM,  VTsIOM,  ISPR RAS, St. Petersburg Institute of Sociology RAS, the Institute of Political Science, University of Wroclaw (Poland).

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