Theory and philosophy of politics

The Head of Department is Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, vice-president of the Russian Association of Political Science (RAPS) Vladimir Alexandrovich Gutorov.

Professor  Vladimir Alexsandrovich Guturov research interests lies in the modern theory and philosophy of politics, philosophy of education, history of Antique Utopia and Western philosophy of politics.

The main aim of the Department is to give future specialists in the field of political sciences and other humanitarian disciplines an idea about evolution of the basic schools in political thought from ancient times till XX–XXI century, genesis of different systems of political philosophy, help them to become proficient in different systems of political argumentation and methodology developed within the framework of various political theories, identify the main tendencies of formation of political science in the west and Russian traditions.

Education is based on creative digestion of the main principles of political analysis, learning of the objective tendencies and internal logic of evolution of political knowledge within the framework of global historical process of changing of different scientific and value-oriented paradigms.

Analysis of the various systems of political philosophy demands integrated approach to the study of primary sources, classical scientific treatises and modern analytical literature. During the mastering future specialists should form logical and conceptual apparatus that let them not only orient in the sphere of political theory and philosophy of politics but digest better the main problems of social philosophy and philosophy of right.

Knowledge of the basic directions of evolution of global political science let specialists extend familiarity with political history, history of formation of the political institutions and systems.

Scientific topics

In recent years scientists working in the Department pay attention to fundamental problems of history of political science, political anthropology, evolution of the concept of civil society in the west and Russian traditions, and also analysis of various political ideologies.

Our International partners

Since the mid 1990 the Department has been the centre of implementation of a set of international programs on which there were set the strong ties with university centers of political studies of many western European, above all, Free University of Berlin, University of Hamburg, University of Cambridge, University of Rome, University of Bari, Charles University in Prague, etc.

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