Post-graduate courses

Teaching at postgraduate course and doctoral studies in the university is carried out on state-financed and contract bases. Citizens of the foreign countries (including CIS countries) are accepted on postgraduate study, or are attached as applicants on the basis of the international contracts and agreements, and also by the agreements with the institutes of higher education and research institutions of the Russian Federation.

Admission to postgraduate course and doctoral studies is also possible on account of the key figures of reception allocated by the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation on the basis of agreements and within the bounds of scientific and technical programs.

Postgraduate students, doctoral candidates and applicants are allowed to use laboratories, the equipment, lecture rooms and libraries. Postgraduate students of a full-time tuition and doctoral candidates are provided with a dormitory and receive a scholarship.

Postgraduate students can take part in competition to win state and other nominal grants. Candidates are confirmed at sitting of the Academic Senate of the university by the nomination of the departments.

Entrance examinations for postgraduate students and applicants are conducted twice a year: from the 15th of May till the 15th of June and from the 15th of October till the 15th of November.


The Faculty of Political Science offers the postgraduate courses in the following programs:

22.00.05 – Political Sociology

23.00.01 – Theory and Philosophy of Politics, History and Methodology of Political Science;

23.00.02 - Political Institutes, Processes and Technologies;

23.00.03 – Political Culture and Ideology;

23.00.04 - Political Problems of International Relations, Global and Regional Development;

23.00.05 – Studies of Political Regions and Ethnic Politics;

23.00.06 – Conflict Studies.

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