The Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Political Science!

The study of Political Science can illuminate an important dimension of human experience and makes graduates better prepared for intelligent participation in the political community. The study of politics can provide a useful background for work in government organizations of all kinds (administrative and research positions); educational institutions (schools, colleges, and universities); political organizations (parties, movements, groups); and the media. It provides a good foundation for further study in law, international relations, public administration and community planning. Our graduates take part in organization and supporting of election campaigns, political consulting and marketing researches, political journalism and the like.

The faculty is located in the 18th century building of the Smolny Convent. This building is a very close to the Smolny Institute (after 1996 – the seat of the city governor), that is well known for its role in the October Revolution of 1917. Namely, in 1917, the Smolny Institute was chosen by Vladimir Lenin as Bolshevik headquarters of the armed rebellion during the October Revolution.

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